Better Vaccines for a Better World         
Better Vaccines for a Better World

Inviragen is focused on developing life-saving vaccines to protect against emerging infectious diseases worldwide.

Inviragen’s lead product is a vaccine to protect against dengue fever, a disease that threatens 3.6 billion people across the globe. Phase I Clinical trials of our dengue vaccine began in 2Q2010. Phase 2 trials, to be conducted in Puerto Rico, Colombia, Singapore and Thailand, began in November 2011.

Inviragen’s vaccine to protect against hand, foot and mouth disease successfully completed a Phase I trial in November 2011. A vaccine to protect against Japanese encephalitis also is progressing towards clinical trials. Both of these diseases affect millions of children in Asia each year.

Vaccines in preclinical research include a chikungunya vaccine, a low-cost human papilloma virus vaccine, a vaccine to protect against new forms of influenza and a combination plague/smallpox vaccine.

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